Interface ProcessDataInfo

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public interface ProcessDataInfo
extends java.util.Map

ProcessDataInfo describes the structure of the process data associated with a WfExecutionObject.

The OMG specification defines that the data type is specified by its "IDL type represented by its string name". Porting this to Java is a bit difficult as the equivalent to this would be to support something like textual representations of Java types, i.e. Java source code.

While this issue needs further investigation, we define the following: Java primitive types are represented by the corresponding classes (e.g. boolean values are represented by a map entry with value java.lang.Boolean.class). Support of complex types depends on the workflow engine used (some may support any [serializable] Java object as process relevant data, some may support only XML as serialized format), as does the way process definitions define complex types (e.g. as XML Schema Description).

In addition to the classes representing Java primitive forms, an implementation may therefore specify additional types to describe the type information of a process data item.

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