Interface ActivityFinder

public interface ActivityFinder

This interface defines facilities that map activity ids to WfActivity objects. ActivityFinders are used (in combination with an identifier) to identify activities in calls to a ResourceAssignmentService. They are guaranteed to be serializable objects with properly implemented equals and hashCode methods. It is expected that resource assignment facilities keep a peristent, indexed record of ActivityFinders and store references to activities as tuples of a finder index and an activity identifier.

Method Summary
 WfActivity find(java.lang.String actId)
          Return the activity that is associated with the given id.

Method Detail


public WfActivity find(java.lang.String actId)
                throws NoSuchActivityException,
Return the activity that is associated with the given id.

actId - the activity id (unique in the scope of this ActivityFinder.
the WfActivity found.
NoSuchActivityException - if no activity with the given actId can be found.
java.rmi.RemoteException - if a system-level error occurs.